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The aggressive nature of law enforcement and over-zealous, us-against-them prosecutions has changed the American criminal justice system into a sewer.

Victimless crimes, private matters between family members, militant lobbyists against everything from abortion to liquor consumption, has now become a source of income for the criminal justice industry and a trail of tears for anyone caught in it's clutches.

Record numbers of innocent people are being incarcerated when police and prosecutors layer charge after charge after charge that have no bearing on the conduct that initially caught their attention.

In order to stop this resurrected gestapo  imprisonment system, this legal fiction called the AMERICAN JUSTICE SYSTEM must be forced to walk the walk of its outrageous talk.






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I originally purchased and produced this site to promote the law practice of Thomas Cecil "Doc" Miller, esquire, d.b.a. "Doc's Law."  Due to his deceit, default and betrayal, it is now dedicated to the events that gave rise to our association and the unfortunate events that have transpired since.  I made a major mistake in trusting an attorney, and I confess that mistake to the world.  You will see the continuing drama unfold before your very eyes here at  Thank you for your kind understanding and compassion.  We all get taken advantage of from time to time.  I may well hold a record of some sort. . . Steve Gartin.

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