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The Conspiracy

The conspiracy is not a theory: {you will need Adobe PDF reader to view these files}

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What's up with the wierd flag and all the Babylonian/Egyptian symbols all over the courts?

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Colorado State Attorney General:

Quick Charges

Quick ChargesII

Quick Reply

Judicial Officials:

Rule135 Motion to Supreme Court

JudgeAnderson's Competency Order

Affidavit mental

Judge Anderson Charges

Competency Hearing Transcript

Competence Evaluation

Shrink Report

Woodford Letter

Magistrate Janis Chapman Reply

Governor Owens

Judge Richard Jauch


Liars Esquires:

Thomas C. "Doc" Miller, esq.

Chas Clements vs. Thomas Cecil Miller, esquire

Colorado Supreme Court

Marlene Langfiield, esq.

Misconduct Langfield

Selective Prosecution

Prosecutorial Misconduct

Unfounded Charges

Vindictive Prosecution

G. Roscoe Anstine II

Katherine Grier reply

Antonio T. Ciccarelli

Kathleen McGuire

Supreme Court Grievances:

Fax to Grievance Counsel


Regarding the grievance by Kevin Brown




CivilRights Division

Police Misconduct

Intimidating Witnesses

FBI complaint

Assault on Clements Home

Donald L. Estep

Gary Clyman

ComputerCrime Clyman-Estep

Duncan Philps vs. Don Estep

Dana Dudley vs. Marleen Langfield

Chas Clements: 42 Adams County

Eric Mitchell's Lawsuit

Outrageous Government Conduct

Michael Moler

John Carr/Mark Stadterman

John Stone

Mark Hostlaw



The Bonillas

Bonilla DEA

The Zehnders

Official Filinings & Reports:


Habeas Corpus 1st Judicial District

Habeas Corpus 1501

97-N-1501 Federal Civil Rights Action

97-D-1036 Civil Rights Action

02CO1278 Civil Lawsuit


AFP Investigation Report

Investigator Pugliese's Response

I originally purchased and produced this site to promote the law practice of Thomas Cecil "Doc" Miller, esquire, d.b.a. "Doc's Law."  Due to his deceit, default and betrayal, it is now dedicated to the events that gave rise to our association and the unfortunate events that have transpired since.  I made a major mistake in trusting an attorney, and I confess that mistake to the world.  You will see the continuing drama unfold before your very eyes here at  Thank you for your kind understanding and compassion.  We all get taken advantage of from time to time.  I may well hold a record of some sort. . . Steve Gartin.

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