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Marleen M. Langfield
1525 Sherman Street -5th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80203
Dear Ms. Langfield,
Advisory Counsel, Mr. Thomas C. Miller has advised me that I should take the time to write you a
letter relative to the case at hand. I have been very impressed with the wisdom and logic of the advice
that Mr. Miller has offered, so I will again accept his leading in this matter.
As you know, I have been seeking and asking for clarification and guidance, particularly in the filing
of motions, from Mr. Daniel Edwards, my ex-Advisory counsel, and he has seen fit to withhold advise
and assistance. I do not understand Mr. Edward's position in this regard.
Mr. Miller, however, has been very forthcoming and straightforward in the advise that he has provided.
I do not always necessarily relish the advise he provides, but it is impossible for me to argue the logic.
Mr. Miller advises the re-construction of all my motions with an eye to removing what is perceived as
"inflammatory rhetoric" by you, the Honorable Court and Gary Clyman and Donald L. Estep. It
appears that there is no question that I feel deeply wronged by Gary Clyman and Donald L. Estep.
That is the truth. However, Mr. Miller points out the undeniable fact that I have heaped those ;
accusations of unjust oppression on you as well. I cannot justify that; so as Mr. Miller so deftly
elucidates, I owe you an apology.
I hope you will accept my apology. I understand that you have to rely on the integrity of your
investigators, and I fully realize that my issues with Donald L. Estep and Gary Clyman have absolutely
nothing to do with you. Please understand that I bear you no malice and will formally apologize to
you in open court on our next meeting.
I can forgive and forget the acts committed against me by Donald L. Estep and Gary Clyman. I truly
believe that Donald L. Estep and Gary Clyman have a torch to bear. I'm not at all sure why, but three
S.W.A.T. Team assaults instigated by them appear to confirm my suspicions.
Those issues are relevant to the focus of this letter, which is a mutually agreeable disposition of the
case at hand. As Mr. Miller has informed you, I am very cautious about placing my life or freedom in
the hands of people who have a track record of interaction with me, personally, as reprehensible as
Donald L. Estep and Gary Clyman. Any sort of "probation" or "programs" that would result in a de
facto probationary period cause me great trepidation. The reason is obvious, at least to me. Please
allow me to explain.
I have been characterized as "angry" and I understand that there is a condition in the present agreement
that stipulates Anger Management Classes, so it seems germane to the issue of WHY I feel the way I
, do. I can assure you that anger has no part in this equation; but since the Honorable Court has already ~
' ordered a psychological exam on me, you don't have to accept my opinion anyway. The STATE
psychiatrist has already confirmed that "anger" is not part of the equation. Please see Mr. Tobey's
official report.
1. I truly believe that the institution of this prosecution was contrived by Donald L. Estep to
punish me for having sought redress of grievance for this unwarranted S.W.A.T. Team
assault on me in February 1997 for calling my Children at the agreed upon time. That was
all orchestrated by Marcus Bernard Merritt, who was only involved with my Ex-wife for a
short period, but the scars and trauma of that brief relationship continue to separate me from
my Children.
2. This has been an on-going "investigation." My Ex-wife, Tamara explained to me several
years ago that Donald L. Estep told her that he has been "trying to get me" since I filed suit
against the Douglas County Sheriff and others for a malicious prosecution that was
dismissed in that county in 1993. You can find that information under 91 CR25 and the
civil actions 93CV2l1 through 93CV233, which were removed to Federal Court when the
I.R.S. defaulted in county court and removed the cases by FAX.
3. Those unwarranted government actions eventually led to a divorce, which has spawned the
on-going tragedy in which we are involved today -it is all interconnected.
4. I truly believe that I have been unjustly imprisoned for constitutionally protected activities
that are totally and completely lawful and proper. Simply reading the tomes of discovery
reveals that I have diligently sought the right and proper way to handle each and every
situation that has gone awry.
5. I truly believe that Donald L. Estep and Gary Clyman are involved in an all-out scheme,
scam or plan to retaliate against me for my political views.
6. I'm not exactly sure why love of one's country is so politically incorrect, but I have always
been open to education, correction and explanation. The views I currently hold were~)
formed by a great deal of study and research of materials available on the internet.
7. I am NOT a member of any "anti-government" groups or associations, nor have I ever
8. I have sought clarification of my recently acquired political views from everyone in
authority from Donald L. Estep himself to Chief Judge Henry Nieto to Maurice Knaizer and
Governor Roy Romer.
9. As you know, I have sought clarification directly from the Honorable Judge Anderson in
this very matter. I honestly and truly want to know the truth, whatever it is.
10. I have looked DIRECTLY down the barrels of DOZENS of hi-tech, lazer-sighted assault
weapons manned by people perfectly willing to shoot me at the slightest provocation; on
three truly unforgettable occasions. Paranoia is thereby excluded by fact.
11. I don't believe that my fear and concerns for my life and well-being are groundless or
frivolous. The facts appear to establish my right to concern, caution and trepidation.
12. I have come to the belief that Donald L. Estep and Gary Clyman are willing to throw
caution to the wind in a "win-at-all-costs" offensive against me.
13. The track-record and continuing behavior of Gary Clyman and Donald L. Estep eJ~ender
deep and troublesome doubts about placing my future in continual jeopardy, trusting only to
their morals and ethics. Such faith would, from the evidence within the record, seem
unfounded. The potential for their exploitation of any "probation" would be significant.
I understand your position that you do not want me to "go out and file liens." I want to confide in you
that "filing liens" was not my idea in the first place, nor is it anything that I have the slightest
proclivity for in the future. You can rest fully assured that you have witnessed both the beginning and
the ending of my filing of liens. I see no constructive purpose in such an endeavor.
Anger management classes would seem to have little or no impact on lien filing anyway, if I was
disposed to such a frivolous pursuit, which I am not.
I do understand the appearance of "angry rhetoric" in my legal submissions -particularly since Mr.
Miller has been so kind and diligent as to point out each instance with a RED PEN. I maintain that
adjectives and superlatives are helpful to understand the gravity of the indefensible police misconduct
to which I have been subjected.
I'm curious to know if you truly believe that anger would be unfounded considering the established
pattern of events to which I have been subjected. I know that sometimes "programs" are just thrown in
to a deal for purposes of negotiation. I hope this is such a case.
I am currently of the opinion that police response to me has been "exaggerated" at the very least. Do
you see me in error in that evaluation? What do you feel would be the proper response? I am always
prepared to change my opinion when provided with greater illumination -please understand that I
truly seek your counsel in these matters.
As you know, I have studiously and diligently pursued all the peaceful and proper administrative
remedies that I am aware of, the record reflects that effort. Am I left without redress of grievance? ~
I have gone directly to every public servant in power seeking any answer to my dilemma, to no avail.
Please just tell me the truth, I can cut my losses and quit if that is the only option.
Ms. Langfield, if that is true; if there is indeed no hope for relief from damages that I feel are due me, I
can accept that and move on with my life. It is obviously far better to move on with life on the outside
as a pauper than to contemplate spending the rest of my life in jail or prison.
I am an idealist. I try to believe in the best in everyone. Although I have tried, I have been unable to
find any justification for what Gary Clyman and Donald L. Estep have done to me. I would love to
hear some sort of explanation that makes sense. No one has ever offered any explanation at all.
If the police can indeed do anything they care to, without any reservation or Constitutional constraints,
please just tell me so and I will no longer expect the integrity and honesty from the police that I grew
up believing in. Times change! I can deal with the facts, however they are.
If I'm in error in my current beliefs, I beg for correction. I can handle the truth.
Ms. Langfield, my heart breaks each day that I awaken without my Children in the next room. You
must understand that the entire focus of everything that I have done for the past seven years is to make
a secure future for my Children. I love them beyond my power to explain. They have been estranged
from me since the Golden Community Center incident of 18 June, 1996. This matter currently before
us is the direct evolution of the events of that day. I know that you feel it is necessary to separate the
past from the current issue, but you must fully understand that all these events are inextricably
interconnected and that everything that I do relates to the hope of reunion with my Children. They
have been my Best Friends from birth.
My last two birthdays have been spent in jail. I'm now 53. The far side of 50 looks entirely different
from the short side. I determined thirty years ago that I would retire and learn to garden when I turned
50. I returned home to California with that resolve in mind and had planted a garden and started a new
life before the F.B.I. S.W.A.T. Team deployed on my new business endeavor and forever destroyed
my hope of building a business in my home town. I had already resolved to drop all litigation and pick
up the pieces of my life and commence to regain as much of my lost business consortium as possible
before retirement age. As you know, I had already built several world wide web sites and had laid the
groundwork for a web-based business.
I now have just twelve short years left to rebuild my business life before retirement, and none of it
revolves around engaging in loosing battles. If nothing else, this debacle has confirmed the old adage
that "you can't fight city hall." I no longer have any desire to do so.
My desire is to return home to California, although my Family is so terrified, distraught and disturbed
about the S.W.A.T. assault and the subsequent F.B.I. interrogations that they may not want me to come
home. I'd like to hold that as first option, but I have other business opportunities that remain open in
spite of the black mark this prosecution has placed upon my reputation and the economic havoc it has
I seek only to live in peace and freedom. If I have been so seeking in a manner proscribed by law,
please inform me and I will make whatever corrections are necessary. My intent is, and always has
been, to fully conform my life to Scriptural mandates, and Romans Chapter 13 directs all seekers of
God to obey the civil government. I trust there is a simple solution and a way to reconcile God's Law
and man's. I am sincerely open to instruction and correction.
I will give you my Word that I will not file liens in the future, but I know that you are accustomed to
dealing with the "criminal element" of our society and "words" seldom suffice; therefore, I would
agree to any stipulation that would make you feel comfortable that I would not file liens in the future,
short of any program or probation that would place me in danger of retaliation from Donald L. Estep
and Gary Clyman. I trust that you will understand the sincerity of my position in this regard. Enclosed
is my offer of a resolution to this matter. I hope you will find it acceptable.
Thank you for taking the time to read this communiqué and the grace to consider it in the good faith
that it is intended. Again, I sincerely apologize for any and all the animosity that I have exhibited against
you, personally, and I pray that you will be able to forgive me for any inappropriate behavior I have
exhibited against you.
May God's richest blessings be yours,
Steve D. Gartin   -Friday, March 22, 2002
103 Meerna Street ,
Fairfax, California 94970
cc: Thomas C. Miller
Frank Pugliese

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