Thomas Cecil "Doc" Miller, Esquire was assigned to me, by Judge Leland Anderson, whilst I was held as a political prisoner in the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office's Prison for Profit in famous Golden, Colorado, home to pervasive government crime and cover-ups. 

He was paid by the STATE to get me out of jail, pronto, so that all the inmates would take "deals" rather than going to trial, not file appeals when they were unjustly "convicted" nor to sue aberrant government officials operating in excess of their authority and/or committing crimes against the People unlawfully incarcerated in their Prisons for Profit. 

At that point, I had been held without arraignment for over 11 months, denied motions hearings, reasonable bond, had court-ordered psychological evaluations and forced to live in deplorable, overcrowded prison conditions, and although un-tried and un-convicted, forced to co-habit a 7' x 13' jail cell with every Felon who came through the Jefferson County Prison for Profit. 

T. Cecil "Doc" Miller, Esquire ultimately coerced me into accepting a plea-bargain under threat of being forced to remain in prison for another year while he studied the case and 'came up to speed' for trial.  Cecil and Marleen M. Langfield, Esquire of the Colorado State Attorney General's Office then conspired to prevent me from continuing the Four Federal Civil Rights Actions against criminal Government officials by making it a condition of my 'probation' that I would drop the current suits and not file anymore actions during the two year probation period.  42 U.S.C. 1983 {the Anti Ku Klux Klan laws} has a two-year statute of limitations. 

When the Private Investigator revealed the criminal conspiracy {18 U.S.C. 241 & 242 and 1961} and reported it to the Judge, all hell broke loose. 

This is the story of lies, deceit, criminal acts and the cover-ups documented by the actual filings in the several related cases.  The government's criminal actions continue to this date with the full knowing aid and assistance of Thomas Cecil "Doc" Miller and his long-time associate Kevin Massaro and is documented by court records at:

As the un-lawful debacle progressed, Marleen Langfield notified "Doc" Miller that he had made a mistake, but that warning went ignored.  It became increasingly obvious that "Doc" Miller's agenda was to gain a conviction that would impeach any testimony that I may offer against governmental criminal tortfeasors.  Although "Doc" Miller's record confirms that he is an abysmal attorney, there is no excuse for the fact that he knew that the case that had been dismissed was the Arapahoe County case for "felony-faxing" before the Most Honorable Richard A. Jauch, not 97M811, which had indeed been dismissed by the less-than-honorable Tina Olsen, esquire but had been unlawfully re-instated by the un-prosecuted felon, Jefferson County District Attorney David J. Thomas, Esquire without legal authority as confirmed by the official Discovery in case #04CR2451 provided by State Attorney General Investigator Gay Clyman. 


Documentation: Affidavits in the court's file

Criminal Conspiracy

Criminal Attorney

Civil Attorney

Supreme Court


Thomas Cecil "Doc" Miller Contact information:

CompanyPhone - Answering service
       303-422-8065 - Home
  •       720-565-3785
  • Mailing Address:
  • 24 E. Ellsworth Ave.
    Denver, Co  80209
    Electronic mail
            {Thomas C. Miller refuses to communicate by email anymore, but can be contacted through Judith.}
    Significant Other: Judith Z. "Cookie" Phillips
    Ramsey Family Photographer / X-Husband, Robert Phillips ~ Ramsey Attorney
    Thomas Cecil "Doc" Miller has an attorney: Kevin Massaro Reg. No.24682
    3780 S. Broadway, Suite 111 
           Englewood, CO  80113
    Phone: 720-981-4627
           FAX: 720-834-2425

    An Email received 1-27-2006 from a concerned individual and a reply from Chas Clements:

    Chas: Happy Saturday all:
    Mr. Dan-

    Dan:>>It's actually hard to see why you're upset with Tom.

    Gartin:>I will make it a point to clarify those issues, thank you!

    Dan: >>You seem to be a little too anxious to tell the world why you are upset
    with many things.

    Chas: It's always amusing which people are more concerned with (our) emotional perspective than speaking to Tom's conduct, or its immediate reflection of the state of our legal system and the outrage it should precipitate.

    Tom operated 'DocsLaw', ostensibly a specialty lawfirm staffed by three 'Docs', but he failed to register it or operate it within the laws of the State or the Bar  Association. Every moment spent with them was predicated on a lie and a confidence game in furtherance of a fraud to cover direct criminal misconduct by officials in positions of public trust misusing their authority.

    That's not said in anger. It just sounds angry because the objective statement of fact is so ugly.

    Tom, the defense attorney, colluded with the prosecutor against the interests of his client Gartin. He was aided by other members of DocsLaw to conceal his agreement with the prosecutor in his own interests, and the illegality of the stipulation to refrain from suing.

    Tom colluded with the complaining witnesses in 00CR3371, themselves criminals including an attorney, another fact concealed by his 'staff'/associates to cover a fatal conflict of interests with his clients.

    Tom kept the lies going until statutes of limitation had expired to enable the other crooks to slide. He and his associates were able to maintain the charade for two years, and enjoyed the benefits of money and services at our expense.

    Tom accepted a retainer from me, and had to tell me the same lies he was telling Gartin. He and his associates kept the lies going for two years and never did a jot of work on my behalf- they took my money and my services-forward, and never meant to attend their obligations at all.

    The fraud is exacerbated by the fact that my complaints were about 'witness intimidation/tampering'; about extortion, about defamation and character assassination of a witness; about abuse under color of authority by officials going right into the State Appeals Court and the Attorney General's office.

    I was a Third-Party Witness- not a principal to anything, although more convinced of Gartin's interests as the pattern of abuse developed over a dozen years or more and began to include me as a target.

    Our system protects the judge, the jury, the prosecutor, the Witnesses- this should outrage everybody who values the integrity of the law, because it was the administrators of that system that perverted the system for their own criminal interests.

    Tom committed further criminal acts in order to distract his victims from what he was doing for the other criminals in the conspiracy- the present manufactured forgery beef a good example; his conduct in my domestic case another, pressing drugs on Pamela,....

    Tom/staff told 'secondary' lies to support his primary lies- lied about 'West Nile' (covering missed court dates and lace of due diligence); lied about credentials, lied about the applicable law or body of fact, lied about work/work product, and the list goes on a mile.

    Dan: >>Don't get me wrong, but you appear to have a large chip on your shoulder and I don't think this is what you want to portray... is it?

    Chas: Again, where's the outrage against Doc/cohorts?

    No professional has stepped forward to demand an accounting from him/them.
    No law enforcement officer will proceed, no prosecutor will proceed; no judge seems ready to sanction him- right up to the Chief Disciplinary Justice of the Colo. State Supreme Court for just professional discipline, much less criminal liability.

    This isn't some psychodrama/therapy situation where the spiritual well-being of the participants is cogent- we haven't solved the social/professional/legal problem that Thomas C. Miller personalizes- we can all 'get over' him later.

    Tom's a menace; he's an ethical hyena, a deliberate and malicious crook acting on behalf of other crooks to do crooked things.

    Why do you not find that outrageous- as contrasted with being more engaged with the 'anger' at such conduct?

    Dan: > This was distressing to me, because the Steve I remember, wasn't this
    type of person.

    Chas: What do you think changed?

    What kind of stimulus would it take to offend anyone, much less a joyful spirit like Steve or the other handful of Tom's clients/associates/staff that're suing him or preferring criminal charges against him, to such a degree as to engender such an attitude?

    And, what emotion would you find more appropriate?

    Without being maudlin, Tom's conduct affected every aspect of my life. He only represents the tool of the 'Defendants', but he caused me great pain and he did it in malice and for a criminal reason, and from a position of privilege and trust.

    What attitude would be more 'reasonable' than righteous indignation?  Your concern is interesting- and I'm interested in what kind of philosophical position justifies such a priority.

    And, if you see Tom- give him a big smootchy kiss and tell him he's been on my mind.



    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Dan Haley
    Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 6:33 PM
    Subject: tom miller

    This is Dan Haley... I met you through Tom Miller. How's it going?

    I'm only looking at 15 years or so in prison on this one, so it's going considerably better than the last jeopardy that was about 135 years if convicted on all counts.

    I just wanted to bring up something that I noticed on the web. Even though Tom and I haven't been the best of friends  over the past couple of years,

    He does seem to wear friends out in short order . . . historically speaking.

    I just wanted to comment on some of the stuff that you put in your "" web site. You may very well have a good reason to be upset with Tom and plenty to say about that alone, but you make it clear in your website that you have a much bigger beef  in general than with just Tom.

    True, Cecil was my great hope for a renewal of confidence in the legal system.  A criminal enterprise operating in plain view that somehow seems to escape scrutiny, oversight, or prosecution for its criminal acts.  Perhaps they are correct in terming it the "criminal justice system."

    This is bad because this totally removes the sting in what (I think) you were trying to express against Tom.

    I actually have numerous beefs with Cecil, and not all due to his nefarious interaction in matters relating only to me.  For instance, what he and Wally did to Pamela still weighs heavily on my mind.  She did not deserve what he, Wally and Cookie {Judith Phillips} did to her, and she still suffers the effects to his day.  She has retained an attorney and is suing him civilly and has lodged a criminal complaint with the Boulder Police Department and a grievance with the Attorney Regulatory Commission.  Chas and Frank have both sued him as well.

    Did you really intend to include all lawyers and our justice system in your statements against Tom?

    Yes, actually I did.  Cecil was the best I had met to that point in time and he is a disgrace to any profession, let alone one that holds so great a sway in the world.  I endeavour not to allow my personal experience to paint the entire profession with a broad brush and maintain the hope that one day I will meet a competent professional attorney who also maintains a shred of morality . . . but thus far, each interaction has been met with disappointing results.

    It's actually hard to see why you're upset with Tom.

    I will make it a point to clarify those issues, thank you!

    You seem to be a little too anxious to tell the world why you are upset with many things.

    I awoke at 47 in a world I did not recognize.  Many, seemingly unrelated, elements were not as education, logic and an understanding of the founding principles of this nation would lead a prudent person to perceive.  Having sworn the Oath to Protect and Defend this great Nation from all enemies foreign and Domestic, I found domestic enemies everywhere.  The confusion and disbelief have slowly dissipated and patterns, associations and the various seemingly unrelated agendas have emerged into a picture that alarms me greatly.  The challenge is to present each of the interlocking deceptions in a cognizable perspective that lends itself to a simple understanding.  I realize that I have failed in that task.  Highly intelligent people look with incredulity at the facts established, and strain to perceive the purpose behind them.  Words fail me.

    Don't get me wrong, but you appear to have a large chip on your shoulder and I don't think this is what you want to portray... is it?

    Oh yes, I do.  My dream of raising a Family in freedom was dashed completely over ten years ago.  I have not had access to my best friends, my Children in over a decade.  My life has been a living hell and the people at blame are obvious.  If that is a 'chip' ~ I got it!  I do, however, also understand that there is a more effective method to relate
    those atrocities and am working on it.

    This was distressing to me, because the Steve I remember, wasn't this type of person. Just giving you my immediate observation with this site.
    Take care,

    Thank you for the kind thoughts Dan; I truly appreciate that sentiment.  In spite of the hardships I endure, it is my habit and training to keep a positive and loving attitude in my daily life.  Most folks haven't a clue what a horrid existence I live.

    I do vent on the web from time to time; and my thoughts and feelings do evolve, but my moral compass does not fluctuate.  I've chosen full disclosure as a means of self-preservation . . . the more you know, the better you'll understand.

    I've taken your advise to heart Dan and I appreciate your sincere observation.  I suppose the fact that I was so completely deceived by Cecil chaffs a bit, but I'll endeavour to tone it down slightly.



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